What are the steps of becoming an Abou Shakra Franchisee? FRANCHISE INFO
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Year 47 was the beginning of the story of a humble employee who was searching for an extra job for a few piasters and Mighty God had led him to a simple restaurant at El Kasr Einy so he had reviewed the daily accounts.

One day the owner wanted to sell the shop so he gave it to the humble accountant who took his chance according to the wisdom phrase "Every Riskier wins exciting,Every Coward dies with regret"

He resigned from his actual job and launched in this way, he concentrated on his work depending on his relationship with Mighty God, he grabbed attention, people gathered around him & had been famous among people.

After that he exceeded with ten branches all over Cairo and Alexandria, four at Saudi Arabia and one at Kuwait.

Branches are launching all over the world and this is how Mighty God rewarded him for his work, struggle and patience….. Mighty God has given him success.

His sons have taken the flag to continue the way to Success and protect what he has achieved, for the name to be raised from generation to generation… In Shaa Allah.